How To Take Care Of Your Nails

Hands and Nails talk a lot about a person. Many people express themselves by their nails. The color, texture, shape and length of the nails leave a great impression of the person. Nail care falls under personal grooming. Nails also require care like other parts of the body. Discoloration, chipping or splitting are common nail problems. ‘How to take care of you nails’ is a very common question. Gorgeous nails and beautiful hands enhance confidence level. Nail care is extremely important in cold weather.

How to take care of your nails’ – Some simple tips

1. Diet for nails – Eating healthy balanced diet is very important for the body to function properly and development of nails. Nails are primarily made of calcium and minerals. Lack of calcium and minerals lead to discoloration and chipping of nails. It is important to include calcium and minerals in the diet for healthy nails. Leafy and green vegetables like Spinach, parsley, coriander, broccoli, carrots, fresh fruits and dairy products are rich in minerals, vitamins and calcium. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and prevent nails from chipping. Nails become dark due to deficiency of vitamin B12. Add foods rich in phosphorus, zinc, vitamins, folic acid and calcium to have great healthy nails.

2. Keeping nails clean – It is very important to maintain good hygiene level for good nails and healthy body. Clean nails are very important for the body because they may carry bacteria and other germs. Dirty nails are prone to fungus infections. Usage of gloves while performing household chores like gardening, cleaning the bathroom or laundry limits the risk of nails getting dirty and it also protects against damage. Manicure is important for healthy nails and hands and it can be done at home. It helps getting rid of the dead skin accumulation and to keep the nails clean. Regular filing and trimming of the nails protects against accumulation of dust and damage to the nails. Do not bite nails. It makes shape of the nails uneven. Avoid filing the nails right after shower. Nails become very fragile with water and soap. Filing nails right after shower often breaks the nails.

3. Moisturize the nails – Dehydrated nails are prone to chipping. Moisturize nails and hands after washing hands and before bed time. Vitamin E is very good for nails. Massaging nails helps to keep them healthy and strong. It also regularises the growth of nails. Olive oil is a great moisturizer for healthy nails.

4. Let the nails breathe – Nails need to breathe too. Maintain a regular gap between nail polishes. Also, use a base coat before applying nail polish. It will prevent nails getting stained specially by deep colors like crimson red, black or electric blue. Avoid harsh chemicals for healthy nails. Use acetate based nail polish removers than acetone. Acetone dries the nails and makes them brittle.

5. Cuticles – Trim cuticles regularly by cuticle clippers. Keep cuticles moisturized with the use of cuticle cream or a moisturizer to prevent hangnails.

‘How to take care of nails’ is very simple and easy however very important to protect body from several diseases (germs and bacteria are usually carried in nails) and beautiful hands.