How To Do Acrylic Nails

For women who want to save some time and money, you can learn How To Do Acrylic Nails on yourself, rather than having to go to a salon or manicure specialist to do the nails for you. There are different techniques to glue the nails on, but depending on the kit you buy, and on the instructions, the manner in which you are going to lay the acrylics down is going to vary. But, these are a few basic steps to follow when you want to learn How To Do Acrylic Nails on yourself, when you are purchasing a set of acrylics to place over your nails.

You will first polish the nails, remove any polish (or acrylics which are already on the nails), cut, and trim the nails down. You will then use a nail file to get the nails down to an even length. The next thing to do is placing a small dab of glue on to the acrylic, and you will layer the acrylic with your own nail, and glue it down evenly from top to bottom.

Once the nail is firmly glued on, you can trim it down and file it to a desirable length, and to get a uniform look on all fingers. You then place the acrylic liquid in a small dish, and with a brush you will take a small dab of the liquid, in order to apply it over the acrylics you have glued on to your finger. Then you will use an acrylic ball, in order to roll somem acrylic powder over the nails. You will repeat this wet dry (acrylic liquid and powder) a few times over each nail, until all have the desired polished look, and until all of the nails are at the same length and style.

When you are repeating the pattern of wet and dry, you can also create the curve, or keep the acrylics straight, depending on the desired look. Once the acrylic is completely dry, you will file and shape it down to a natural look, and using a filing block,you can then sweep off any debris left behind from the nails. Lastly, you can apply moisturizing cream to the cuticle area, since the acrylic is going to dry the area out, and you will find that with the mosturizing cream, it eliminates the dry look, and keeps the area moisturized.

When you want to find the easiest methods of How To Do Acrylic Nails, this is likely to be the solution. It is a quick process, and although you do have to be meticulous, in order to ensure you get the same length and style with the acrylics, it is possible to do them at home, and get salon quality style and looks. So, if you want to save some money, or if you just enjoy doing your own nails, this is an easy guide which will help you apply the acrylics, and get the style and design you want when you are complete with the steps and application.